African Link Lawyers Expertise

Our African partners & branches or, more definitely, our extensive legal network has extensive expertise in advising international organizations, investors, banks and African corporations in areas across financial and debt capital markets and in corporate, litigation and arbitration matters. In particular, we provide counsel on project financing, syndicated loans, bridge facilities, initial public offerings, rights issues, secondary offerings, bond issues and mergers and acquisitions.
Through our experience and presence in Africa we offer clients an all-round vision and awareness of the African market.

We have French, English and local law capability and a team of experienced lawyers, including French, English & Portuguese speakers.
We are familiar with both the civil law and common law based systems of African jurisdictions and the issues that arise on African matters. As well as significant local experience, and technical services in Africa, our lawyers understand the issues and the political, socio-economic and commercial environments of the different African countries where our clients do business. We have on the ground expertise to deal with the local law issues.

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Why Link Lawyers

We are an experienced Team in Spain and Europe, who gather Industry and in-African Countries experience. We have Expertise on our Sectorial knowledge in Legal matters.

Our Values & Environment

We have defined excellence, trust, passion and team spirit as the basis of our company values. These are the standards against which we all measure ourselves – and want to be measured.
As lawyers, we feel a special obligation to fundamental and human rights. This means that we accept social responsibility and pursue justice – by doing what we do best: we provide our expertise and vindicate rights.

We endeavour to provide selected “Social Entrepreneurs“ with access to urgently needed legal advice. We gladly contribute in this way to positive social developments
We all bear responsibility for the environment today and for future generations. Consequently, we use natural resources carefully and work in accordance with waste management policies. We are glad in this manner to make our contribution to the reduction of emissions and the sustainable use of natural resources.

OHADA Knowledge & Expertise

As publicly available and known, OHADA is a system of business laws and implementing institutions adopted by seventeen West and Central African nations. The OHADA name comes from a French acronym for “Organisation pour l’Harmonisation en Afrique du Droit des Affaires”, which translates into English as “Organisation for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa”. It was created on October 17, 1993 in Port Louis, Mauritius. The OHADA Treaty is made up today of 17 African states. Initially fourteen African countries signed the treaty, with two countries (Comoros and Guinea) subsequently adhering to the treaty and a third (the Democratic Republic of Congo) due to adhere shortly. The Treaty is open to all states, whether or not members of the Organization of African Unity. As a West and Central African initiative to harmonize business laws and implementing institutions, OHADA aims to alternative solutions to the lack of economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa – a region that has challenged and puzzled development economists for several decades. The stated purpose of the initiative is to facilitate and encourage both domestic and foreign investment in the member states, and seeing as how most of the participating countries are former French colonies, they draw chiefly on a modernized French legal model to achieve their goals. The laws promulgated by OHADA are exclusively business-related. The OHADA treaty has created a supranational court to ensure uniformity and consistent legal interpretations across the member countries, and the French influence in court proceedings is apparent. * Source: