Business Law & Commercial Law

Link Lawyers offers the highest professionalism and quality services in business law. Covering all areas of business operations, financial and commercial traffic of the companies that come to us. We join them throughout their path, either through general commercial advice or on the following aspects:

  • Company Formation and development of partnership agreements
  • Preparation of Statutes and General Regulations
  • Corporate Governance
  • Operations of Mergers & Acquisitions to entrepreneurs, public and private investors, venture capital entities
  • Penetration into new markets
  • Reorganization and restructuring of companies
  • Advice and drafting, negotiating and closing all types of contracts
  • Project Financing
  • Execution in Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
  • Public and private investment
  • Due Diligence
  • Advice to companies and venture capital entities in the reorganization of business groups, mergers and acquisitions, and prevention of conflicts between partners.

Link Lawyers offers the highest quality and experience in these services and applied in a context of both National and International.

Contractual law

Within the scope of commercial law, exists the practice of hiring. This is a field in which Link Lawyers has extensive experience and knowledge. In this regard, we are renowned for:

  • Advicing and drafting of all types of civil and commercial contracts
  • Contracts at national and international level
  • Advising on formation, structuring and authorization of financial institutions
  • Designing of financial services products
  • Diversification Strategies
  • Projects Renewables