Your African Legal Partner

Africa Link Lawyers Boutique Law Office & Consultancy (ALL) offers legal services to local and international businesses across Africa’s markets, reconciling diverse business customs with standard operating practice in the global financial market. Our key sector strengths are perfectly aligned with Africa’s industry growth trends; financial institutions; energy; infrastructure; mining and commodities; transport; and technology & innovation

We operate in common law jurisdictions and in those governed by civil law, drawing on our experience to transpose our knowledge and expertise to new markets, with consistent levels of service..
Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast
Guinea Conakry

Sierra Leone
South Sudan


Africa Link Lawyers is emerging as a new platform, created for the application of legal solutions and perfectly linked to our networking partners in Africa.


We have built up a diverse team who employ all available resources in order to achieve the best results and secure our clients’ long-lasting trust in us and, by consequence, in our network of African offices.


Our attitude is focused on providing optimum levels of honesty and transparency. We are fully commitment to our Code of Professional Ethics and full accountability for our actions is unquestionable. We foster teamwork and take decisions in a collegiate manner, seeking consensus and promoting a sense of unity at Africa Link Lawyers.


We make constant efforts throughout our African network to maintain a vision of continuous learning and to ensure that our work is a symbol of excellence in all fields. We treat our employees with respect and value the pluralism of their ideas. Diversity is one of our core values of excellence.

Social Corporate


We have defined excellence, trust, passion and team spirit as the basis of our company values. These are the standards against which we all measure ourselves – and want to be measured.
As lawyers, we feel a special obligation to fundamental and human rights. This means that we accept social responsibility and pursue justice – by doing what we do best: we provide our expertise and vindicate rights.

We endeavour to provide selected “Social Entrepreneurs“ with access to urgently needed legal advice. We gladly contribute in this way to positive social developments
We all bear responsibility for the environment today and for future generations. Consequently, we use natural resources carefully and work in accordance with waste management policies. We are glad in this manner to make our contribution to the reduction of emissions and the sustainable use of natural resources.


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  • It's been more than 5 years now that we are working with Link Lawyers for all our legal matters in Barcelona. We start with some basic company collaboration (CIF,NIF, NIE), then we get to administrative contracts. I personally recommend their professionalism, devotion to work and expertise. It's has been a real pleasure to get support by them

    Benjamin Sebagh

  • Link Lawyers has been on the side of Alizee Lifestyle for the past 3 years, and helped us make the right choices in all the key decisions. What I value the most of Link Lawyer is their reactivity and ability to respond quickly to business issues, and always propose the right solution.

    Audrey Sicot